AM/FM Find Radio Stations Android application to find AM/FM radio stations physically nearby, filtering by a list of shows or station's genre format. Displays detailed information about the radio station.
Wigle Wifi Wardriving Android application to collect and map wifi and cell network information, and easily upload to 802.11 wireless network mapping project The Wireless Geographic Logging Engine, a group of projects to database 802.11 wireless networks and plot them on generated copyright free maps.
3dfx Jewel [source] A stab at making a game like XJewel in OpenGL
Peroxide [source] A college project to make something resembling Nitrous Oxide for the Sony Playstation
VLink In college a group of us experimented with mod'ing VLink 2-way radios
SGI CAVE Arachnophobia Therapy Another college project, Virtual Reality spider fun